The first soap that acts as a timer to help people wash their hands properly

Health officials have said that hand washing is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of Covid-19, slowing a pandemic by 24%.

Studies have shown that to get our hands properly clean, we need to wash them for 20 seconds, yet only 5 percent of people are doing it right.

Raising Awareness And Tackling The Spread

We invented the first soap that lasts for precisely 20 seconds.

A simple way to teach everyone about the importance of clean hands.

Passing the Torch

Now that your hands are perfectly clean,

why not use them to create some 20 Second Soap of your own.

Create your own 20 second soap

All you need

Grab a soap

Chop it up

Carve it up 15x15mm

Soap it up

Dry it up