Best of April Fools 2019

April Fool’s is a great occasion for brands to show their lighter side and have some fun with consumers. 2019 has been no exception with everyone from Google to MacDonald’s chancing their arm at fooling their customers on April 1st. The key is always something that on first take could actually be true but leaves you with a hint of doubt.

We’ve picked some of our favourites below…

KitKat Tea

We couldn’t believe it either. But apparently KitKat just launched their new range of tea on Apr 1. The brand has come up with 3 variants: The 2 Finger, 4 Finger and Chunky tea blends. The brand claims to have undergone a 4 year intense research to come up with their brew to give its consumers the complete KitKat break. Check it here.

McDonalds Glow in the Dark Burger

This is by far the most creative way McDonald’s has tried to fool their customers. It seems like McDonald’s India have found a new solution for you to eat in the dark effortlessly. Customers quickly saw through this pretty obvious ruse, but it garnered attention for McDonald’s nonetheless, and the comments came in.

Tinder Height Verification

Tinder apparently dropped their newest feature two days before April Fools, which was the height verification feature to have some fun with their swipers. With the new video saying “Let’s bring honesty back to dating”, it has already been watched over 3 million times and has absolutely created a buzz in the swiping community. The feature is said to introduce a Height Verification Badge which will give you a blue tick once they approve it. Although it looks like a prank, let’s hope they are not serious.

Kingfisher Instant Beer

Too good to be true? Indian super brand Kingfisher launched an “Instant Beer Mix” pouch on April Fools. The video features a convincing explanation of the product preparation process with not so convincing actors. Although it’s a brilliant idea to carry your beer anywhere, unfortunately it was too good to be true. Either way, it got people talking about the brand and thirsty for a beer.

Google Tulip

As expected, Google has come up with yet another April Fools gem. This time even more witty and flowery than before. The 2 minute long video of “Google Tulip” features the development of the Google Tulip technology and shows how tulips can communicate with humans through Google Home. As funny as it sounds, Google claims it to be a cutting edge technology.

StackExchange- Back to the 90’s

Missing the 90’s? Well, Stack Exchange has reskinned their webpage with all the cutting edge web design features the 90s had to offer.  With Comic Sans MS and Times New Roman as fonts, a glittery mouse and a vintage background, it was a real blast from the past. This has certainly stirred a conversation between people asking to keep the theme permanently verus removing it straight away. There’s been a popular opinion that “It looks so bad that it’s hilariously awesome”.

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