Brands Utilising Dating App Partnerships To Market Their Products


Surveys have revealed that as many as 60% of singles are now using dating apps to find love (or sometimes just lust). So it’s no wonder that apps like Tinder and Bumble are thriving – and that marketeers are waking up to the potential of their 18-34 users. In today’s blog, we look at some of the brands who have embracing digital dating as a way of reaching new consumers.

Fiat Cars – Happn

To put this into context, Happn is a real-time dating app that adds other users to your timeline if you “Happn” to be within a certain distance of one another. This encourages users to check the app regularly to see who they have crossed paths over the course of any given day. The good folks over at Fiat saw an opportunity here for their Fiat 500 to be part of this craze. They created profiles for the car and released them on the dating app. To give their ads a more personal touch they created Mr and Miss Fiat 500, so that it appeared as a person as opposed to a product they created. Over half of the users who came across the profiles interacted with them and they were then entered into a draw to win a once in a lifetime trip to Rome.

Starbucks –

Starbucks are synonymous with spelling mistakes when it comes to people names on their coffee cup, but they have made no mistake with their partnership with “The Tie Up” campaign allows users to invite fellow singletons to Starbucks shop for a date. Each user can display a Starbucks badge on their profiles to let other users know their shared love of the coffee chain. A spokesperson has stated that they are unsure of footfall generated by the partnership but that they know hundreds of people who use the dating platform have met in Starbucks for their first dates.

Shazam – Bumble

Bumble, the well known dating app that gives the female of the species the first move when it comes to choosing a potential suitor online ran a Shazam Takeover in the UK and Germany. Shazam was changed from its ever recognisable blue colour to yellow for the day and encouraged users to create new connections, find dates, make friends, and grow their network via the dating app itself. Much like when Shazam can’t locate a song, users saw a screen saying “Shazam couldn’t find a match, but we can”. Bumble invited users to their platform to help them find a match in the style that most millennial’s have become accustomed to.

Dominos – Tinder

With 85% of its 50 million user base in the 18 to 34-year-old demographic, the app allows brands an opportunity to reach out to the much sought after younger audiences of today. With this in mind, pizza giant Dominos decided to take advantage and offer Tinder users the chance to swipe right in order to get special discounts and free pizza on Valentines Day. When the brand and the user matched they would engage the user in light hearted conversations filled with light chat and ridiculous Valentines Days puns, rewarding users for the best ones. The brand received over 700 matches and had an estimated reach of around 200,000 people. 3D Models

With the amount of dating apps available on the rise, they too have had to become innovative in the way they market to their audience. In an effort to attract new singles to their platform immortalised eligible bachelors as 3D printed dolls for a dating pop-up shop.The marketing stunt called ‘Model Males’ saw 7 men exhibited in a shop for any women fancying a quick browse. Information about each male is written on their packaging, while the miniaturised 3D model gave shoppers an idea of what they looked like. If they were interested in learning more, shoppers could contact each man by following a link on the packaging.


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