How To Market Your Business On Social Media During COVID-19


As the world continues to face many different challenges with the COVID-19, more people around the world adjust to the new norm of social distancing, which means staying connected online is more important now than ever before. Social media plays an essential part during this Pandemic as people rely on different social media platforms to keep in touch with their friends and family, to learn the news, and also for entertainment.

In times like these, businesses need to work their way around to turn campaigns, adjust their social media calendars, and create new content to market their products or services to maintain a healthy connection with their audience.

1. Adjust Your Social Media Marketing Calendar

Many businesses have already planned their 2020 social media marketing calendar, which would have taken a lot of planning, energy, and resources. We understand it’s difficult to postpone or cancel projects, but it’s more important to be mindful of what’s going around the country and the world than to push through with the original marketing plan.

Many other gyms like Flyefit, for example, would typically be promoting sign-ups for their gym memberships on their social media. However, they recently had to shift their focus more on how they can keep their current members healthy and active while following the new social distancing rule. Flyefit is offering free daily workouts and health tips on their social media accounts for their online followers. This strategy helps build brand-trust that will help them in the present and future gym members once the gym is declared safe to open again.

2. Show that you care

As a business, acknowledging that there’s a Pandemic crisis happening right now will show your customers and employees that you care. You must maintain a good and healthy relationship with them by doing everything you can to keep both your employees and customers safe.

The National Basketball Association, NBA, has offered free access to their NBA’s League Pass, which has full replays of all games from the 2019-2020 season, as well as an expansive archive of classic games and content until the 22nd of April. The association is reaching out to their fans to keep them entertained and in the hope of maintaining the basketball game spirit alive while the season is currently postponed.

Supermarkets all around the globe such as Supervalu have taken on the initiative to protect their employees by adding a protective Plexiglass for cashiers against the Coronavirus. This action has received many positive engagements across their social media platforms and continues to build strong relationships with their customers.

3. Show Compassion

Remember to show empathy and compassion to your followers, as COVID-19 has affected everyone around the world in many different ways. You don’t need to mention the virus in every single social post. However, you do need to be mindful of the content and the caption you’re sharing because what you post online can be interpreted in numerous forms.

Fashion brand H&M has taken on a new direction with their captions on their social media posts. As a retail company uploading photos of clothes, accessories, and shoes to promote their products, they’ve managed to integrate the current situation with COVD-19 to their fashion-related captions. In other words, be safe and fashionable at the same time.

4. Support Your Community

Coming together to show support to the community particularly to all of the amazing frontliners that’s working to control the virus gives everybody a sense of hope during these uncertain times.

The popular dating app Bumble is offering up to $5K in monetary support for small businesses affected by COVID-19. Small businesses can apply through the Bumble App, and people who are not business owners can also nominate small companies they want to support, this is another great example of communities working together and helping one another during difficult times.

As people are spending a considerable amount of time on social media, take this opportunity to reach out to your followers.

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