Sharing the Love through Brand Activation


Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for Brands to engage with their customers in a loving and romantic way. As we know love in the pandemic has been a difficult journey but we have seen a shift in the concept of love, making it more appealing to everyone not just the traditional romantic couples but the self love singletons.

Here is a roundup of our favorite brand activations done in the past.

Niluu – Focusing on self-love 

Niluu the Sustainably-made PETA-Approved vegan silk loungewear brand created a beautiful fall in love with you” valentine’s day marketing campaign video 2021. The video took us on a journey focused on a self love date, where the woman dressed in Niluu loungewear stayed  home, enjoyed her own company and experienced a new date in each room. 


Having trouble looking for Love? Need some help or Advice? Well Twitter is here to offer assistance with their unique approach to Valentine’s Day.

Twitter created a cringe-worthy campaign at London’s Covent Garden for the singletons having difficulties finding love. 

The pop up shop featured real tweets from Twitter conversations about the world of dating. Ghosting, Awkward Silences and Weird gifts of attention were only some of the topics of discussion… no stones were left unturned by twitter users.

Burger King – “Birds of Prey” Anti-Valentine’s Day Campaign

Encouraging newly singles to join in on the day, Warner Bros and Burger King collabed to create a Anti-Valentines campaign celebrating the release of the film “Birds of Prey” in the movie Harley Quinn is broken up with by The Joker. 

This campaign encouraged people to bring a picture of their ex and drop it into the “Birds of Prey” box in order to get a free Whopper.

Coors Light – Skipping Cuffing Season

Instead of participating in the traditional cheesy valentines day, Coors Light encouraged single people to save a four legged friend in a heartfelt message.

On a day that can cause people to feel sad and lonely, Coors came up with the perfect solution.

As part of their “The official beer of skipping cuffing season” brand activation campaign Coors Light helped cover the adoption fee of 1000 shelter dogs.

The aim of the campaign was to encourage people to savor the day with their favorite beer and a dog by their side instead of a human companion and never feel lonely again during cuffing season.

JustEat & Centra – The Romance Roll

Every Valentine’s Day young couples are looking for romantic gifts and gestures that don’t cost a fortune. Which is why Verve | Showrunner teamed up with JustEat & Centra to create the ultimate romantic gesture for students this Valentine’s Day – The Romance Roll. A student favourite, the chicken fillet roll cut in two, so you can go halves with your other half. Dumpster Stay

And finally for the people out there with an ex who deserves to spend a night in the finest of rooms, were able to cater to their needs by listing the only accommodation suitable for that ex… a dumpster. campaign asked guests to explain why their ex deserved to put in the trash, and where their dream getaway would be and why.

The prize for the winner was a $300 gift card!

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