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It’s that time of the year again and yes, the Christmas Ads have arrived! The changing landscape of advertising means that traditional strategies are being shaked up, we’re more likely to see campaigns on social channels rather than the TV. This means it’s not only the big brands who can push out a seasonal message, we’re seeing global giants and local heroes battle it out for our beloved screen-time. There’s the return of the usual big hitters, as well as a few new contenders this year. We hope you enjoy our round up of 2021 Irish Christmas ads all in one place.

GALA – The Christmas Recipe

As we all know it’s officially Christmas when the Christmas ads come out, and Verve Showrunner produced this Christmas ad, which happens to be Gala’s first ever Christmas ad. It’s a lovely sweet story about a girl trying to recreate her late mum’s famous Christmas cake recipe. She makes many failed attempts, and many trips to Gala!

Littlewoods Ireland – Mother & Daughter Bond

Littlewoods Ireland focuses on the bond between mother and daughter. We see a child who clearly idolises her mother, watching her get dressed and noticing what makes her happy and sad. The pair share gift giving rituals and by the end we discover the daughter has given her mother the sweetest gift of all. A reminder that it’s the small things that count!

Three Ireland – A Better Connected Life

You’ve got to hand it to Three, they’ve managed to squeeze in some classic Christmas situations in just 30 seconds. Everything from the Cool Uncle, the Tech Dad and everyone’s favorite.. The FaceTime Christmas Surprise! It would be a crime not to mention the cameo from one of the stars of RTE’s ‘KIN’, a different side to Jimmy Kinsella nonetheless. This is a nice reminder that Three is not just a phone provider, it provides connectivity in special moments. 

Lidl – More For Everyone This Christmas

LIDL are making sure they’re checking it twice this Christmas. Santa’s elves are on a mission, making sure that all produce is tested ahead of the big shop this Christmas. LIDL has produced a Toy Story-esque animation that puts their Seasonal Product Range on full display. This is one both adults and children can enjoy, it has the feel good factor. 

Spar Ireland – Under The (Christmas) Tree

No matter where you are in Ireland you’re bound to find a Spar, a universal familiarity. We’re given a snapshot of different locations across Ireland with the continuous motif of the Christmas tree in each shot. This is a simple but effective message from Spar, no matter where you are we’re with you and you can rely on us this Christmas.

Arnotts – Christmas Circus

Let’s face it, the magic of Christmas is all about seeing children’s excitement and dreams come to life. Arnotts introduces us to a young girl who has a love for The Circus, her gifts at Christmas set her imagination wild as she transforms into a majestic performer. A reminder of what a magical time of the year it can be for children and families alike.

Smyths – If I Were A Toy

Smyths Toy Store takes on a Beyonce classic! Kids are going to have an absolute field day with this one, some lyrics have been switched around and we’re brought into the magical universe of Toys. Smyths have Dinosaurs, Race Cars, Action Heroes, Dolls, Fairies, Teddy’s and Lego all living in the same world, Children will be begging their parents to try and recreate this fantasy world come Dec 25th.

Dogs Trust – End Puppy Farming

A puppy is for life, not just for Christmas; we’ve all heard this before but the nation’s favorite animal is still a highly popular Christmas gift. Dogs Trust uses a classic Christmas Tale to drive their message home: end puppy farming. No matter the joy you might be experiencing with a puppy this Christmas, there’s a mother who is kept in inhumane conditions beyond this. Dogs have had a huge surge in popularity over the covid-era, as we return to the office numbers rise in rehoming centres. Adopt this year instead of contributing to Ireland being the European capital of puppy farming. 

Aldi – A Charles Dickins Classic

Adios Kevin The Carrot there’s a new man in town, Ebanana Scrooge! What a brilliantly obvious yet creative angle for introducing some new characters this Christmas by Aldi. Mr. Ebanana Scrooge is brought on a journey that shows him the joys of Christmas; a brilliant animation featuring a cameo from Marcus Rashford and soundtracked by the Pouges & Kirsty McCall classic ‘Fairytale Of New York’. Most importantly, ALDI is teaming up with Bernardos who will help vulnerable children via their charity work.

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