5 Game of Thrones Brand Partnerships

Game of Thrones has been an unavoidable topic of conversation here in Verve this week with the final season going to air. It got us thinking about some brands that have leveraged the epic series as part of their advertising campaigns. We’ve put together a few recent examples below. For anybody playing catch up on the series, there are a couple of spoilers.

Bud Knight

Bud Knight was more of a promo for Game of Thrones sponsored by Bud Light more than it was a Bud Light ad leveraging Game of Thrones. It does feel a little bit lost in terms of mixing GOT characters with a comedic Bud Light script which may irk the GOT purists, but for everyone else, it has a cameo from The Mountain, and naturally, a dragon. The ad aired during the Superbowl reaching a national audience in the US as well as clocking up 7.5m Youtube views.

Oreo – #GameOfCookies

Oreo’s comes close to taking the biscuit (sorry!) when it comes to clever brand campaigns on the back of GOT. To launch their limited edition Game of Thrones themed OREOs, they completely recreated the iconic GOT intro using, yup you guessed it, OREO’s.

Mountain Dew – #ACanHasNoName

With one of the more creative executions, Mountain Dew launched their the #ACanHasNoName campaign with limited edition cans that reveal the Arya Stark’s kill list when cold. Ditching their iconic green can, it’s a bold move, but one that will appeal to GOT fans. They’ve also launched a “Iron Vending Machine” that only works with limited edition GOT coins.

White Walker by Johnnie Walker

For Johnnie Walker #WinterIsHere already,  as they claim on their limited edition White Walker by Johnnie Walker. It’s a smart crossover that appeals to both GOT fans by playing on one of the key plot lines of the series, and to whiskey enthusiasts with its limited edition packaging.  Check out how Verve integrated the whiskey into the Game Thrones wrap party here with a custom bar installation.

The Red Cross : #BleedForTheThrone

At this year’s SXSW festival, the Red Cross partnered with HBO to create an immersive experience that both promoted the final season of GOT while also raising awareness of a world wide blood shortage. Attendees were asked “Will you bleed for the throne”. Before being immersed in the Kingdoms of Westeros and famous scenes from the show. Fans could donate blood there and then.