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We worked with Donnybrook Fair to develop a digital and social strategy to amplify their presence online.

What we did:

Donnybrook Fair is all about quality, local and fresh food and we wanted to bring this to life through social. We created a strategy that hero’d the food, the chefs and the bespoke nature of D|F.

Each month we produced a full photoshoot with food and drink items that D|F wanted to showcase that month eg. vegan dishes, Easter lamb, takeaway deli. From there we created a content calendar aimed to drive footfall with mouth-watering imagery.

Media spend was applied for maximum effect, zoning in on a radius close to the stores and timed accordingly to the content eg Broo Coffee at 8am on weekdays, wine at 5.30pm on Thursdays. We also ran a series of social ads driving sign-ups to the Donnybrook Fair cookery class each month, these were executed across Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Stories.

For key products we produced premium video content bringing the D|F personality to life while showcasing their delicious food and drink.


Increased footfall to D|F store locations and noticeably younger demographic visits

Each of the Donnybrook Fair Cookery School Classes sold out 6 months in a row


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