Brand Campaign

Mr Tayto's Bucket List

The Problem:
Mr.Tayto is a cultural icon in Ireland. But, the younger generations don’t understand this. To them, he’s just the lad on the crisp packet. Our job was to make them care about Mr.Tayto.

The Solution:
Firstly, to grab their attention, we took him off packaging, as the internet flooded with theories asking, “Where is Mr.Tayto?” And when we had their attention, we revealed where he’d gone. TikTok of course, where his new target market spends most of their time. So to light up his social channels, we sent Mr.Tayto on an epic worldwide adventure, ticking off a number of bucket list items, posting incredible footage and bite sized content daily. And his new social strategy worked, as his Gen Z following grew by 185%, receiving over 30 million views and 457k engagements along the way.

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