Rare Owl Times - Episode 1

Rare Owl Times - Episode 2

Rare Owl Times - Episode 3


Rare Owl Times is an animated series that encourages Dubliners to shop local, just like they did in the good old days. It focuses on a bunch of literal Owl Ones and Owl Fellas, as they frequent their local shops, and tell a few auld stories along the way.

It was created by us - Showrunner - along with some local talents. With drawings by Ross Carvill, voices from Tony Cantwell, Ali Fox & Wren Dennehy, and sound by Raygun.

About Showrunner

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Sam & Mikey are a creative duo who have been working together for nearly a decade. Before taking up the roles of Creative Partners in Showrunner, the boys had collaborated on a number of award winning projects in TBWA/Dublin and Boys + Girls. Outside of working hours, they also co-wrote, directed and produced their own comedy series, Boyz on Top.