Showrunner’s Top 10 Films 2020

In a year where I watched more films than ever, not many were actually from 2020, which made making a top 10 films of the year a lot easier than previous years. That said here are ten genuinely great films that I would highly recommend. In order of release.

Bad Boys 4 Life 

This is exactly the film I wanted it to be, probably better than it had any right to be too. If you liked one and two you’ll love this, if you didn’t, well then…

Uncut Gems

A stress induced roller coaster and another frustrating example of just how good Adam Sandler can be. Directed by the Safdie Brothers, definitely check out their previous triller Good Time, also on Netflix.

The Lighthouse

Robert Pattinson continues his penance for Twilight by making the most interesting career choices. This, Devil all the Time and Tenet were all released this year, the only similarity between them is just how good Rob is. The Lighthouse is an amazing film but I’m not entirely sure I enjoyed the experience nor am I sure If I was supposed to. Still I would recommend, I think. 


Unlikely this is news to anyone but this is a fantastic film, from a fantastic filmmaker. Worth watching, rewatching then watching 5 video essays on all the hidden symbolism  that you missed.

Plus One 

I’ll start out by saying I love a good Rom-Com, so I’m only recommending this if you also feel the same. You might have seen the Netflix Original knock off Holidate, but this is the same premise but with better jokes and better performances. You know exactly where it’s going at all times but because of Maya Erskine (pen15) you don’t really care.

The Invisible Man

Considering this is from Universal’s Dark Universe Franchise, the same franchise that brought us the Tom Cruise vehicle, ‘The Mummy’, this was better than it had any right to be. Key to its success is just how small it is, a tale about literal ghosting, metaphorical gaslighting. Elisabeth Moss really sells being terrified of empty space and the cinematography does a great job of helping us feel her fear. 

Palm Springs

I love this film, just thinking about it there made me smile. Technically not out in Ireland yet but if open to some light criminal activity it’s well worth seeking out. This is a wonderfully silly modern take on Groundhog Day, now a genre itself. This has the potential to be a classic comedy, which is becoming rarer with each passing year. Starring Andy Samberg (Lonely Island) and Cristin Milioti (How I Met Your Mother).

Bad Education

Not as you might expect a sequel to Bad Teacher, but really fun, low-key, true crime with a ridiculous cast. About as good as I’ve ever seen Hugh Jackman, Ray Romano who’s doing his best work right now and Alison Janney who’s just consistently great. 


This is either really dumb for a smart movie or really smart for a dumb movie, I’m not smart enough to decipher. Either way I really enjoyed it, car chases, explosions, evil Russian villains it’s what the cinema is all about. 


Incredibly odd, really funny, sombre, touching, all the feels. It was exactly the film I wanted it to be and it was especially nice to watch something genuinely good in the cinema. Written and Directed by Miranda July, starring Rachel Evan Wood, Richare Jenkins and Debra WInger and Gina Rodriguez.

Here are some other films I saw, liked and would recommend but don’t have too much to say about them other than that; Borat, Mank, Sea Fever, 1917, His House, Onward, The Devil all the time, Vivarium, Jojo Rabbit, Yes, God, Yes.


– Mikey Flemming, Showrunner