Showrunner’s 2020 Christmas Ad Collection

We look forward to it as soon as all the “spooktacular” puns of Halloween are gone, and it feels like it arrives too soon every year. Yes, once again, it’s that wonderful time of the year when all our “favourite” retail stores and supermarkets attempt to win Christmas. Baring budgets both big and small, they battle it out to produce the best warm and fuzzy festive ad.

All the regular big hitters are back this year, as well as a few new contenders. So we hope you enjoy our round up of 2020 Christmas ads all in one place…

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John Lewis


The inventor of the christmas ad, the reason we’re even making a list about christmas ads. This isn’t their best, but they set the bar so bloody high. While it’s quite forgettable, it looks amazing and I like that they took the message of sharing the love and carried it into the production. So many great animators and filmmakers involved, I mean Sylvain Chomet!


I wanted a little bit more from the king of the Christmas ad. It’s a gorgeous looking film with a wonderful mix of animated styles. But, it’s just missing the magic of previous efforts.



Although it was hard not to see the ‘twist’ coming it didn’t really matter as it was always going to strike a chord. It’s been a tough year, any ad that even references that would probably make me well up, so you can imagine how well this worked on me.


It’s a really nice, sweet ad, which seamlessly fits in both the brand and the relevance of Covid times. I think I know the references though.



For an ad where almost nothing happens it’s very entertaining. I mean it’s just an animated catalogue, they don’t even pretend like there’s any message other than buy Gucci. But sure, it looks class and the song is good.


I’d probably like anything set in the 80s with that track to be fair. It’s a nice idea to bring people away from this terrible year, and give them a little bit of escapism to a time before masks, when we could have naff office parties.



It’s an ad we’ve seen before, but a little bit of Taika Waititi and a whole lot of money gives it a touch of magic.


It’s big, epic, and looks great. It’s got a nice, sweet twist at the end too. I would have liked to see a little more of Taika’s classic wit, but maybe that’s just not what he was going for.



It’s just nice to see an Irish Christmas ad that looks this good, it’s especially nice to see Woodies make an Irish Christmas ad that looks this good. I imagine it would have been very tempting for them to just show around a store,  with all their amazing products so many other brands did.


A lovely spot from Woodies in their first foray into the big Christmas ad sphere. I saw the ending coming a mile away, but I didn’t really care. I was hoping the lads would fix Mrs. Higgins’ gate. Also, it made my wife cry.



For something I know is definitely not a real story, it did a very good job at making me believe it was. Very simple and effective execution.


It’s a nice way around not shooting something in a time when it’s very hard to shoot something. It’s got a lot of sentiment, and it’s Christmassy while staying relevant to it being a supermarket ad.


The Late Late Toy Show


Excellent casting, especially the daughter. Big Paul Mescal vibes from the dad too, no harm. You know, sometimes it’s just great to hear a country accent in a commercial, I feel represented.


It’s nice to see RTE go full short film with their offering. Really captures the struggle of current times, as well as people’s love of the Late Late Toy Show. Well played, RTE.



Lovely sentiment, evil brand.


Nicely shot film piece, with an interesting depiction of a life in lockdown. It’s not very Christmassy though, except for a little bit of snow at the end.

TK Maxx


Mikey wasn’t too impressed, but I quite liked this one. Nice to see somebody do some comedy around Christmas, and I did chuckle a bit I must admit. That goat did deserve something nice. I only wish they hadn’t cut back to him after the great delivery by the farmer, would have been a better ad.


Like Sam said, had they just stopped the ad after the farmer I probably would have liked it more.

Three IRL


A nice sweet and simple offering from Three Ireland. They should get a lot of credit for resisting a Zoom call ad.


Really simply, beautifully shot, with some great casting.



It’s hard to do comedy in the christmas category, or least to do it this well. And I’ll always welcome a little bit of light in a sea of sadness.


Nice to see a brand do something a little bit different. It’s brave, and nicely shot – but two poo gags, a bloody nose and eating food from the floor is just a bit too grim for me.

All the other ones:

Tesco UK 

Tesco Ireland

Lidl GB

Lidl IRL






Kerry Gold US





It’s been a weird and unpredictable year, and it’s more than likely going to be a very odd and different Christmas. So, at least we can find comfort and stability in the fact that the steady flow of Christmas ads are business as usual. Even though for the time time ever, they probably weren’t all filmed in July!

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Dogs Trust

In this heart plucking advert, Dogs Trust highlights the cruelty and suffering behind the illegal sale of dogs and puppies in Ireland, especially at Christmas time. They ask to take action and sign the petition on their website to help fight against the illegal industry.

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