Showrunner’s Christmas Binge

It may not have been the traditional Christmas. There wasn’t the normal boozy Christmas party, or the packed calendar of “catch-up” drinks to attend. There was, however, the usual amounts of festive excess. I’m not just talking about the turkey, ham, cans of Guinness, Miniature Heroes, mince pies, and stuffing that makes me very grateful I can WFH in sweatpants for a few weeks. No, I’m talking about the lavish amounts of content I was able to consume via streaming services. While I consumed the turkey, ham, cans of Guinness, Miniature Heroes, mince pies, and stuffing!

Disney +, Netflix, NowTV, AppleTV and Amazon Prime served up some treats this Christmas, and here’s Showrunner’s official list of shows we binged through the festive season…

Sam’s binge:


Bridgerton Season 1 

This dropped on Christmas Day and broke all kinds of Netflix records. It’s set in Regency London times, as a mysterious writer begins to unveil scandalous secrets about high society. I didn’t think I’d like this. I don’t know why. It’s basically a perfect blend of Gossip Girl and Downton Abbey, which I love.

Kobra Kai Season 3

When this extension of the Karate Kid story finally came to Netflix, about 5 people text me telling me it was my perfect show. It’s cheesy, has training montages, 80s style teen drama, and it’s funny. I love it. It started out as my guilty pleasure. Now it’s just a pleasure that I’m extremely proud to say I love. There’s now 3 seasons. 

The Mandalorian Season 2 

Star Wars’s first big show on Disney +. If this is anything to go by, bring on all the rest. This is great TV. Each episode is like watching a cool, new Star Wars movie. It also packs a few amazing throwbacks to the originals without relying too heavily on them. And if that doesn’t sell it to you, Baby Yoda (or The Child, or Grogu) is very, very cute. 

Mikey’s Bing:



The only reason I’ve still hung onto my Disney+ subscription and it was worth it. Released on Christmas day, it made for a nice little threat over the weird Christmas limbo period. This is definitely Pixar’s most existential output, exploring the difference of purpose and passion. But what sold me on it was the incredible score, and it looked class.

The Wilds Season 1

It’s trash, but of the highest quality. It’s delicious pulpy fun that lives somewhere between Lost and Pretty Little Liars. Unlike Lost it actually answers a lot of questions by the end of the first season. If you are looking for some mindless distraction from the real doom, the Wilds is your woman. Available only on Prime Video.

Boy State

Because I recently upgraded my Mac I now have a year subscription to AppleTV+, Yay! Except there’s almost nothing on it. Almost. Boys State is a documentary about a group of boys attending the Texas division of a camp for your wannabe teen politicians. It acts as a perfect microcosm of the American political system and all that’s wrong with it. And it makes for a very effective documentary.

Barry Season 1 & 2

Now TV is really the only place you can go to watch HBO series, legally. One of the best of them, in my opinion, is Barry. A show about a hitman, Barry, played by Bill Hader, who questions his purpose and finds a new passion in acting. Weirdly similar to Soul. It’s my favourite TV show of the last few years, this is my second time watching it and I flew through it. It really is a must for anyone with an interest in TV writing, Bill Hader and Alec Berg give a masterclass with every episode.