2022 Christmas Ad Tracker


The Christmas ads have started to roll in and we’re feeling the festivities and excitement even more than before! Big brands have been dominating the Christmas ads space for years and people are always so excited to see what they will come up with. Will it make us laugh? Cry? Smile? Christmas ads have become much more popular and for reasons more than just for making sales, Christmas ads make us feel nostalgic and often tell heart warming stories which gets us right in the mood for Christmas!

Aldi – Kevin the Carrot is ‘Home Alone’

Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot is back for another Christmas ad inspired by an iconic Christmas film. The carrot family are all ready to jet off to Paris before they realise they have forgotten something: Kevin! Sound familiar? Viewers have been loving Aldi’s take on the 1990 film ‘Home Alone’ as it’s light-hearted and nostalgic for any of the “older” viewers!

Boots – Joy For All

The Boots Christmas ad is all about what brings people joy! Starring BAFTA- nominated actress Lydia West, it starts with ‘Holly’ finding a pair of ‘magical’ glasses that show what really brings people joy, using a wide range of products from the Boots range. They have also included a lot of Irish brands this year such as Sculpted by Aimee, Bellamianta, SoSo Cosmetics and Spotlight. The story of Holly reminds us that getting someone the perfect gift can spark joy in both the giver and the receiver.

Spar – Finding Christmas

Spar are well known for their Spar Tree, and ‘Under the tree at Spar’ tagline, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of it at Christmas! This year’s ad is called ‘Finding Chritstmas’ and is a sequel to the award winning campaign ‘Finding Trees’ from 2012. It portrays the wonderful communities we have throughout Ireland and the alternative ways the Spar Tree appears in each setting.

Barbour – One of a Kind-ness 

A hot topic for 2022 was sustainability, so why should that change just because it’s Christmas? The festive season can often be a time of overconsumption with gift buying, new Christmas clothes, and just spending more on things we probably don’t need! The fashion brand Barbour has shone a light on second hand shopping and how it can be just as special to gift someone a unique second-hand piece this Christmas. Titled ‘One of a Kind-ness’ the one minute video stars Paddington Bear as he searches for the perfect gift for his grumpy neighbour, Mr.Curry. Paddington settles on a re-loved Barbour jacket which has been repaired and ready for its new home!  

Mondello Park

Christmas is all about doing things for those you love, and Modello Park has captured this perfectly in their Christmas ad this year. This heartwarming video shows a Grandmother and her Grandsons bond over trying to earn some extra cash for a telescope. The pair are seen going through a bulletin board full of small jobs. One of their last jobs was to clean out the attic and the boy finds a picture of his Grandmother when she used to drive race cars. The ad ends on an uplifting note as the Grandchild buys his grandmother a racing gift instead of the telescope he worked so hard for.

Lidl – The Story of Lidl Bear 

Have you ever heard of a festive celebrity that isn’t Santa? Well now you have! The Lidl bear has found fame, all because someone shrunk a Lidl jumper. The video shows Lidl Bear’s rise to fame as he becomes the face of the Lidl Christmas campaign. The lack of expression on Lidl Bear’s face as we see clips of his rise to fame creates humour and helps to deliver Lidl’s message about what’s truely important at Christmas time.

TK Maxx – Christmas Nailed

Who doesn’t love a bargain? Especially around the festive season! Tk Maxx wants to reassure their customers that they can find the most fabulous gifts for less. This video shows the story of Sam after she astonishes her family with amazing gifts which starts a chain of high fives with an upbeat tune. You don’t have to break the bank to NAIL CHRISTMAS!

An Post – An Post Send From The Heart 

An Post has created a magical Christmas ad this year, featuring the famous Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. If you’re familiar with the film, you’ll know he is in search of heart and this story is no different! Christmas is all about making people feel special and this campaign really depicts how special it is to receive a card from someone. The Tin Man’s lovely neighbour notices he just can’t get in the spirit of Christmas so she sends him card with a heart in the post. This  brings joy and love to the Tin Man and he can finally get in the spirit of Christmas!

Tesco – The Christmas Party 

This year Tesco have decided to make two slightly different ads for their UK and Irish markets. The differences include the a shot of the Cliff of Moher instead of the Cliff of Dover for the opening scene, a reference to the Late Late Toy Show, and a shot of the sea swimmers who brave the Irish waters on Christmas day. Although the differences are small, they make the ad feel more homey for an Irish Viewer, as would the UK version for the UK audience. See if you can spot the differences! 

Amazon – Joy is made 

Amazon’s Christmas ad this year stars a father, his daughter and her snow globe. They wanted to tell a story from a different view and showcase how creative their customers get by using different resources and being inventive. During the Christmas period, we may find ourselves going above and beyond for our loved ones and this Dad was no different! He created a life size snow globe for his daughter for Christmas so she could experience the thing she loved the most in real life and JOY IS MADE! 


We’ll be updating our tracker each week in the lead-up to Christmas, so check back to keep up with the latest festive ads as they’re released.

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