Corporate Parties: All You Need To Know


When it comes to creating corporate parties, it is crucial that it is well thought out and planned in detail. These functions are a crucial part of workplace culture and work as a valuable opportunity for team building and relationship building. This can be encouraged and fostered by creating an event that is engaging and enjoyable for all. To achieve this, here is our guide to getting bums off seats and into a fun-filled, memory producing oasis which has entertainment at the heart of it and will leave a long-lasting positive impression on it’s attendees. There’s never a time too early to start. Ideas and Inspiration are endless from having one of the worlds’ top DJs playing a set that will blow all guests away at the idea of their private concert to having an Oasis full of wonder, delight and escaping from the ordinary world that remains outside the entrance.

The Suspense!

With an event of this calibre, we believe a strong brand identity and excitement has to be set from the very get-go. In doing so the routine coffee station chit-chat accelerates into a conversation full of speculation and rumours of what comes ahead. This is achieved with a consistent and strong event identity which can vary according to the client needs or type of event, some that come to mind when looking toward a Festival themed event are “No-Chella” and “Kaleidoscope” another that proved very successful was a corporate event space we created called “Connectopia”.

In the year 2022, we created a corporate event space that could accommodate any client’s needs in the heart of Dublin city, a one-stop shop for 500-5000 guests that saw acts such as Bingo-Loco, The Coronas and James Vincent McMorrow to name a few. From relaxing in a massage tent to munching on a fresh stone baked pizza to dancing the night away at the main stage . The excitement is then generated via internal comms including the Save the Date mail, reminder mails,  wrist bad collection activations and branded signage throughout the office. Usually a week in advance of the event itself an activation is held in an office hotspot to gain some attention and traction for the event whilst all registered guests receive their bespoke event wristbands.

The Venue

Venue choice really sets the scene for the overall feel of the corporate event. Venue options are endless and can be dictated by budget and capacity first and foremost, once a venue meets these requirements the planning begins from tactically planning the elements of the event to the logistics of getting all registered guests to the venue and back to a drop-off point safely. Something we have found successful in our previous research is having a one-stop shop venue that can be altered to each client’s needs and can be hired over a period of time in which to add capacity and reduce cost. A prime example of this was Connectopia and we currently have our latest offering for Christmas Corporate events “Northern Nights”.


Post-Covid, transport to and from a venue has become a focal point to most if not all corporate events with a large population of people moving away from the office to Work From Home. This is taken into account when choosing the location. It’s important to make the location easily accessible for all invited, whether that be organised buses and drop-off points or overnight accommodation for those who are traveling a distance.


Lights, Camera, action! The scene is set, the event is live and the party starts. Early arrivals are building outside and so is the excitement. Doors open and the fun starts.

If you are planning a corporate event, look no further as Verve are the experts when it comes to The Corporate Event World. Better still, if you are looking to attend a corporate event with your company this Christmas, why not check out Northern Nights 

-Ryan Fitzpatrick

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