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Connectopia @ RDS

So what do you do after years of bunkering down when you yearn for a cool summer party at a unique venue with banging tunes, fuelled by great food and refreshing drinks? You connect, and this summer we did that very thing at Connectopia!

With a limited first year run, Verve’s Connectopia at the RDS was quite simply hottest ticket in town. 2022 was a year for reconnecting with old friends and new colleagues and Connectopia was the very place to do just that…

How it worked…

Verve imagined and constructed a purpose-built, lavishly equipped, bespoke summer party venue in the RDS! Usually the domain of our equine friends, the RDS housed a series of unique spaces, tents and fun-zones – fully themed and dressed in kaleidoscopic colour-schemes – and all brought to you in sustainable materials, decorated with festival style flags, festoon lighting and Insta-ready photo backdrops.

With a selection of food trucks wafting the sweet and savoury smells and flavours of the summer – and bars busy serving beers, juices and cocktails – we were able to recreate the collective shared experiences we all craved through the pandemic. As a live event management company, we were craving some in-person experiences again.

With compostable single-use packaging for all catering materials, the venue was also totally cashless, with allocated spend pre-loaded onto wristbands which were easy to use at a varied selection of on-site food trucks and bars.

With a smorgasbord of games, entertainment and performers to choose from, clients chose the atmosphere that suited their teams and businesses best. Some looking to create a relaxed vibe sampled the chilled-out strains of sax and jazz tunes for most of the day – punctuated by visits to the Yoga/Green room. Those of a livelier disposition dabbled in a blend of Bingo Loco, Wham tribute acts and full-scale concert bands! Many took a blend of both the relaxed and the frantic – supported by some of the biggest names in Irish live entertainment. In truth, we gave clients exactly what they wanted – however that looked – all organised, of course, by our expert in-house team in Verve.

So, what about next year’s corporate summer party? Connectopia 2.0, let’s be havin’ ya!

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