Brands doing this year’s ‘culturally relevant’ Women’s World Cup well

By 21/06/2019Ads, Digital, Uncategorised

This summer’s FIFA Women’s World Cup in France is estimated to reach 1 billion viewers – a staggering 250 million viewer increase. Understandably, this dramatic leap in interest has not gone unnoticed by brands. According to Women’s World Cup related content scored 71.2 million views over the past 90 days. It seems as if women’s sport is finally beginning to get the recognition it deserves (maybe reference to the hockey tournament here eg. “have a look at the social we created on behalf of Hockey Tournament Name’?!).

Here are some of our favourite campaigns from the tournament so far:


You would expect Nike to have a big say when it comes to women’s football, particularly given their long term sponsorship of current Women World Champions USA. And they haven’t disappointed. On the run-up to this summer’s Women’s World Cup, Nike teamed up with the Team USA team to drive interest in women’s football by recruiting young women to to football – but also competitive sport in general.

2.German National Team – ‘We don’t have balls, but we know how to use them’

Germany’s national female soccer team DFB-Frauenfussball partnered with Commerzbank AG, Germany’s second largest bank, to create this 90-second ad celebrating women’s soccer and the triumph of female athletes. Published on Twitter, it has had nearly 1.5 million views and over 12,000 retweets so far.


Budweiser has brought together some of the UK’s most inspiring female talent to create a reimagined version of Queen Elizabeth I’s ‘Heart and Stomach of a King’ speech, which calls on Brits to support the Lionesses ahead of the World Cup.

Budweiser is an official sponsor of the Lionesses and says this film is just one element of its partnership with the national team. For instance they have also released limited-edition Women’s World Cup Budweiser packaging.