How Brands Are Benefiting from Instagram Stories


There’s no denying that Instagram has become somewhat of a social media powerhouse over the last few years. Instastories in particular have grown in popularity with over 400 million viewers now tuning in on a daily basis.

It’s therefore no surprise that brands are increasingly harnessing this useful tool and taking full advantage of the opportunity to engage their target audience. As with all strategies however, there are those who set the standard and ensure their content is original, thought provoking and in some cases, unexpected!

Simply put, there are those who do it better.

We’ve selected brands who we feel are really winning at Instastories and most importantly, we’ve highlighted the key factors you can take away from their strategies.


AirBnB developed their Travel Tuesday series which ticks numerous boxes in terms of brand engagement. By utilizing a mixture of professional photography shots and user-generated images, AirBnB focus on providing #travelinspo for their 4.1M followers.

Taking advantage of the Swipe Up feature, the brand then encourages viewers to visit their website (whilst feeling inspired) making the journey from Instagram to AirBnB seamless.

AirBnB Instagram Story

Key Takeaway for Brands:

Provide valuable content with a clear call to action on your Instagram Story. Not only will you ensure users are actively searching for your brand online, you will also be able to determine your social media’s ROI through Instagram Traffic metrics. This will allow you to decipher what tactics are most effective on your social channels.


It’s no surprise that a brand who built a huge social presence before even releasing any products is excellent when it comes to Instagram.
In order to target millennials, Glossier regularly feature makeup tutorials, product Q&A’s and polls on their instastories.

As a result, the brand has an engaged audience who provide invaluable insight into product features and competitor brands. Glossier are then able to launch NPDs with a clear understanding of their target audience.

Key Takeaway for Brands:

Show your followers that you care about their opinions and give them a platform to share their thoughts. Starting conversations and engaging with your audience will allow your brand to precisely target your messaging and develop deeper relationships.


Cheerios have opted to go down a more personable route when it comes to Instagram Stories. Veering away from a corporate tone, they choose to spread positivity through personalised shout outs to their followers.

They encourage their audience to share their Cheerios experience and have created a hub of feel good content which they showcase on their Instastories.

Key Takeaway for Brands:

Stay true to your brand and be genuine. Cheerios’ optimistic tone of voice is relevant and is consistent across all marketing platforms. Make sure your content is authentic and replicates your brand’s persona. Your viewers will be able to tell what’s real and what is just for show!

Beyond Yoga

Beyond yoga know their target audience seek quality and durability when it comes to purchasing their product offerings. In order to stand out from competitors and bring customers closer to the brand, they use their instastories to post women doing full workouts whilst wearing their yoga pants.

They are confident in the quality they offer and are willing to strip back the stylised photography and production to let their products speak for themselves.

Key Takeaway for Brands:

Show your products in real-life, relatable settings. Consumers have become increasingly savvy to overly airbrushed images that currently saturate their home pages. Instead, offer them content that is honest, relevant and shows you understand their needs and wants.

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